Charlie Golf One (2016)  

Action & Adventure, Drama

6.5/10 of 6 Votes


Watch Charlie Golf One online. Charlie Golf One (TAAGAD in Hebrew) is a fast-paced action comedy drama series that follows the extraordinary and unusual events in the lives of medical soldiers serving in a remote military base of an elite infantry unit. The series will have you laughing one moment and put you at the edge of your seat in the next.

Season/Episode : 1/16
Title : Charlie Golf One: What's Wrong With Dyslexics
Plot : Ben-Lulu and Daniel try to convince Shafiq to give them another shot in the cages. When that fails, Ben-Lulu strikes a deal with Amira. In the meantime Lia comes for Orian's rescue. Dekel and Tetro are ordered to treat the recon unit's soldiers, and Partuk is excited about leaving the platoon
Duration : 30 minutes
Release Date : 20 Oct 2016
Country : IL
Actors: Shira Naor, Daniel Gal, Dean Miroshnikov, Mickey Leon, Kobi Faraj, Or Edri, Inna Bakelman, Oren Papismadov, Yaniv Zanava

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