Charlie Golf One (2016)  

Action & Adventure, Drama

6.5/10 of 6 Votes


Watch Charlie Golf One online. Charlie Golf One (TAAGAD in Hebrew) is a fast-paced action comedy drama series that follows the extraordinary and unusual events in the lives of medical soldiers serving in a remote military base of an elite infantry unit. The series will have you laughing one moment and put you at the edge of your seat in the next.

Season/Episode : 2/25
Title : Charlie Golf One: Episode 25
Plot :
Duration : 30 minutes
Release Date : 05 Aug 2020
Country : IL
Actors: Shira Naor, Daniel Gal, Dean Miroshnikov, Mickey Leon, Kobi Faraj, Or Edri, Inna Bakelman, Oren Papismadov, Yaniv Zanava

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