Dollface (2020)   

Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Mystery, Drama

8.8/10 of 4 Votes

Watch Dollface online. When a group of teenagers are trapped in a lodge by a mask wearing madman, they realise their only chance at escape might be a quiet eight year old girl from another dimension with a dark and troubled past.

Season/Episode : 1/9
Title : Dollface: Chapter nine: The bombing of McQuoid carnival
Plot : Calum finds a way to communicate with the group, and with time up and the jester on their tail, its a race against the clock for Sofi to get to the weapons room and back--and also a bargain as to whether Gio is strong enough to face off against him.
Duration : 50 minutes
Release Date : 17 Jul 2020
Country :
Actors: Thelma Ashibuogwu, Ladii Adebayo, Dei Abbey, Tore Abbey, Kitan Adebayo, Fadeke Azeez, Babatunde Azeez