Train (2020)  

Crime, Drama

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Watch Train online. A man lost a precious person because of a serial killer. He crosses over into a different world to figure out the truth behind her death. Seo Do-Won is a detective and he is enthusiastic at his job. Han Seo-Kyung is a prosecutor with an honest personality. Lee Jung-Min is a member of a scientific investigation unit. She is Seo Do-Won’s childhood friend and also his first love. She supports Seo Do-Won.

Season/Episode : 1/1
Title : Train:
Plot :
Duration : 60 minutes
Release Date : 11 Jul 2020
Country : KR
Actors: Yoon Shi Yoon, Kyung Soo-jin, Shin So-yul, Cho Wan-ki, Cha Yup, Kim Dong-young, Lee Hang-na

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