Kissing Game (2020)  

Drama, Mystery

7.1/10 of 146 Votes

Watch Kissing Game online. At a high school in a rural, isolated ranching community, families panic when teens contract a mysterious "kissing disease" that quickly spreads.

Season/Episode : 1/6
Title : Kissing Game: WE ARE ALL SICK
Plot : A video of Chico spreads quickly, leading to a brutal attack. Alex exposes the source of the disease. Progresso parents unite to cure their teens.
Duration : 40 minutes
Release Date : 17 Jul 2020
Country : BR
Actors: Iza Moreira, Caio Horowicz, Michel Joelsas, Denise Fraga, Thomas Aquino, Luana Nastas, Esther Tinman, Kevin Vechiatto, Grace Passô, Bianca Byington, Bruno Garcia, lávio Tolezani