Extremely Dangerous (2020)

Crime, Drama

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Watch Extremely Dangerous online. "Malik" a young engineer who is an expert in combating cyber crime, finds himself seeking a gang that was kidnapped and then assassinated his wife, Nour, in a bank robbery. He is determined to chase them for revenge, which leads him to go through many dangerous confrontations

Season/Episode : 1/7
Title : Extremely Dangerous: Episode 7
Plot :
Duration : 35 minutes
Release Date : 12 Aug 2020
Country : EG
Actors: Ahmad Al-Awadi, Reem Mostafa, Riad El-Kholy, Ahmed Seyam, Nahed Roshdy, Khaled Kamal, Hadi El Gayar, Mahmoud Hegazy, Hamza El Eily, Hosny Sheta