A Certain Scientific Railgun (2009)  

Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

5.9/10 of 28 Votes

Watch A Certain Scientific Railgun online. Misaka’s electro-manipulation abilities – and delightfully destructive Railgun projectile move – make her a rock star in Academy City. The techno-metropolis is packed with supernaturally powered students known as espers, including Misaka’s flirty friend and roommate, Kuroko. She uses her teleportation skills as a member of the Judgment law enforcement team, fighting crime alongside her fellow agent Uiharu. Joined by their friend Saten, a spunky Level 0 esper, Misaka, Kuroko, and Uiharu have a blast taking on danger whenever and wherever it arises.

Season/Episode : 3/24
Title : A Certain Scientific Railgun: Diffusion
Plot : To counter the Doppelganger's giant monster form, Mikoto creates a giant magnetically-induced monster of her own. As the two do battle, it becomes evident that the Doppelganger has an ultimate objective other than combat in mind.
Duration : 24 minutes
Release Date : 18 Sep 2020
Country : JP
Actors: Aki Toyosaki, Satomi Arai, Atsushi Abe, Minako Kotobuki, Kana Ueda, Atsuko Tanaka

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