Five Fingers (2012)  

Drama, Music, Romance

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Watch Five Fingers online. Five Fingers is about young people overcoming their tragedy and fulfilling their dreams. There’s a boy, Ji Ho, who’s eager to be part of one family. Step-mother who saved a son from the fire, while leaving her birth son inside. This boy wants to become a son of a mother, who’s not his birth mother. He wants to become a brother to a younger brother, who’s not his true brother. Ji Ho’s life may look miserable. But he has an outstanding talent as a pianist. However, he has a rival to overcome. In Ha, who also has a professional skill. Although, he doesn’t get much attention. Stay tuned to see the battle between these two different pianists.

Season/Episode : 1/30
Title : Five Fingers: Episode 30
Plot :
Duration : 65 minutes
Release Date : 25 Nov 2012
Country : KR
Actors: Ju Ji-hoon, Ji Chang-wook, Chae Shi-ra, Jin Se-yeon, Na Moon-hee, Jeon No-min, Cha Hwa-yeon, Jeon Mi-seon