Bubblegum (2015)  

Drama, Romance

6.5/10 of 4 Votes

Watch Bubblegum online. Four people whose lives revolve around a hospital and a radio station become close and work out their various problems together.

Season/Episode : 1/16
Title : Bubblegum: Episode 16
Plot :
Duration : 60 minutes
Release Date : 15 Dec 2015
Country : KR
Actors: Lee Dong-wook, Jung Ryeo-won, Lee Jong-hyuk, Park Hee-von, Park Chul-min, Bae Jong-ok, Kim Jung-nan, Park Joon-geum, Lee Seung-joon, Park Won-sang, An Woo-yeon, Kim Sa-Kwon, Kim Ri-na, Seo Jeong-yeon, Go Bo-Gyeol, Yoon Chan-young, Han Seo-Jin