Bromance (2015)  

Drama, Romance

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Watch Bromance online. Could anyone be more excited to reach her 25th birthday? Pi Ya Nuo had an inauspicious start to her life. Doomed to live her life as a boy, Ya Nuo is shy and always tries to keep her distance to people to hide her true identity, and the mysterious aloofness makes her irresistible to the girls around her. With her 26th birthday fast approaching, will Ya Nuo find her much-anticipated return to being a female will be as easy as she had hoped?

Season/Episode : 1/18
Title : Bromance: Episode 18
Plot :
Duration : 90 minutes
Release Date : 21 Feb 2016
Country : TW
Actors: Bii, Mandy Tao, Katie Chen, Lee Shao Xiang, Baron Chen, Megan Lai