Lucky Day (2019)

Action, Crime, Thriller

5.4/10 of 42 Votes
Watch Lucky Day Movie Online. Red, a safe cracker who has just been released from prison, is trying to hold his family together as his past catches up with him in the form of Luc, a psychopathic contract killer who's seeking revenge for the death of his brother.

Title : Lucky Day
Duration : 99 minutes
Release Date : 18 Sep 2019
Country : CA, FR
Actors: Luke Bracey, Nina Dobrev, Crispin Glover, Ella Ryan Quinn, Clé Bennett, Clifton Collins Jr., David Hewlett, Nadia Farès, Tomer Sisley, Mark Dacascos, Roberto Campanella, Gabrielle Graham, Josie Ho, Darrin Baker, Scott Faulconbridge, Sayla de Goede