Sweetheart (2019)

Comedy, Drama

6.5/10 of 162 Votes
Watch Sweetheart Movie Online. A working woman, mother a three children, realizes that, when her youngest one is about to go to Canada to continue her education, she will end up out of her most precious goal, being a mother.

Title : Sweetheart
Duration : 87 minutes
Release Date : 13 Mar 2019
Country : FR
Actors: Sandrine Kiberlain, Thaïs Alessandrin, Victor Belmondo, Mickael Lumière, Camille Claris, Kyan Khojandi, Arnaud Valois, Patrick Chesnais, Yvan Attal, Marie Bouvet, Mila Ayache, Victor Peeters, Lya Oussadit-Lessert, Arthur Benzaquen, Sarah Deffeyes, Mariama Gueye