Flatland (2019)

Adventure, Western

5.5/10 of 1 Votes
Watch Flatland Movie Online. Natalie’s wedding night ends up being a nightmare. First, the women of the family put the screws on, and then ‘no’ in the marriage bed suddenly doesn’t mean no anymore. Natalie hides in a barn, a shot is fired and she flees. First on horseback, then by car across country with her pregnant friend Poppie in tow. Policewoman Beauty Cuba is soon hot on their heels. She’s trying to solve a murder case but a phone call throws her back into the past.

Title : Flatland
Duration : 117 minutes
Release Date : 11 Sep 2019
Country : DE, LU, ZA
Actors: Nicole Fortuin, De Klerk Oelofse, Sárközi Olivér, Unikitty, Mahon Andoniaina, Faith Baloyi, Izel Bezuidenhout, Eric Nobbs, Brendon Daniels, Clayton Evertson, Albertus Pretorius