The Hero (2019)

Action, Thriller

6/10 of 18 Votes
Watch The Hero Movie Online. Fifteen years ago Andrey graduated from a Secret Service school under the guidance of his father, that trained teenagers to be agents for the Foreign Intelligence Service. When this experimental school is closed, he settles in Europe and cuts ties with Russia. One day his father who was believed to be dead calls him to warn him that some security forces want Andrey dead so he must run and hide. While on the run Andrey finds Masha, his ex-classmate from the Secret Service school. He faces love and betrayal and learns the real scale of the ruthless spy game that he was dragged into against his will.

Title : The Hero
Duration : 120 minutes
Release Date : 26 Sep 2019
Country : RU
Actors: Alexander Petrov, Vladimir Mashkov, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Yan Alabushev, Konstantin Lavronenko, Marina Petrenko, Anastasiya Todorescu, Tobias Aspelin, Artyom Grigoryev, Jurijs Kr├╝ze