The Best Years of a Life (2019)

Drama, Romance, Comedy

6.7/10 of 38 Votes
Watch The Best Years of a Life Movie Online. They knew each other long ago: a man and a woman whose dazzling and unexpected romance captured in the now-iconic film, revolutionized our understanding of love. Today, the former race car driver seems lost in the pathways of his memory. In order to help him, his son seeks out the woman his father wasn’t able to cherish but whom he constantly revisits in his thoughts and dreams. Anne reunites with Jean-Louis and their story picks up where they left it…

Title : The Best Years of a Life
Duration : 90 minutes
Release Date : 22 May 2019
Country : FR
Actors: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Anouk Aimée, Souad Amidou, Antoine Sire, Marianne Denicourt, Monica Bellucci, Tess Lauvergne, Vincent Vinel, Bernard Warnas, Jean-Yves Cressenville, Laurent Dassault, Laurent Prudhomme, Benjamin Patou