Spider (2019)

Drama, Crime, Thriller

7.5/10 of 18 Votes
Watch Spider Movie Online. Three friends are part of an opposition group in the chaotic Chile of the early 70's and together commit a political crime that changes the history of the country and incidentally involves them in a betrayal that separates them forever.

Title : Spider
Duration : 108 minutes
Release Date : 15 Aug 2019
Country : AR, BR, CL
Actors: Mercedes Morán, Marcelo Alonso, María Valverde, Pedro Fontaine, Caio Blat, Felipe Armas, Gabriel Urzúa, María Gracia Omegna, Mario Horton, Jaime Vadell, Benjamín Westfall, Francisco Soto, Mauricio Roa, Paulo Brunetti, Jaime Omeñaca, Maria Olga Matte, Gerardo Ebert, Eduardo Burlé, Patricia Cuyul, Paula Luchsinger, Pablo Greene, Hernán Vallejo, Andrés Cid, Orlando Alfaro, Ignacia Uribe