A Bedsore (2020)

Drama, Family

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Watch A Bedsore Movie Online. Chang-sik, a retired man, lives with his wife, Gilsoon and her caretaker, Soo-ok, an illegal immigrant. One day, a bedsore develops on Gilsoon, which does not seem to heal. Even though Gilsoon is in poor shape, Soo-ok insists on taking time off on weekends. Chang-sik realizes Soo-ok is trying a sham marriage for a new visa. Upon hearing this, Chang-sik suggests they get married.

Title : A Bedsore
Duration : 110 minutes
Release Date : 02 Jul 2020
Country : KR
Actors: Kim Jong-goo, Kang Ae-sim, Jun Guk-hyang, Kim Do-young, Kim Jae-rok, Kwon Mi-ah