The Perfect Patient (2019)

Thriller, Drama

6.5/10 of 20 Votes
Watch The Perfect Patient Movie Online. A true and captivating story about the biggest legal scandal in Swedish history, the story about the reporter who questioned an entire legal system. Hannes Råstam was dedicated to proving the innocence of Thomas Quick and unmask the legal chaos which sentenced Quick to a life in psychiatric prison.

Title : The Perfect Patient
Duration : 110 minutes
Release Date : 20 Sep 2019
Country : BE, SE
Actors: Jonas Karlsson, David Dencik, Alba August, Magnus Roosmann, Suzanne Reuter, Linda Ulvaeus, Christopher Wagelin, Björn Bengtsson, Johan Hedenberg, Peter Andersson, Anders Mossling, Maria Grazia Di Meo, Emanuel Habtu, Timo Nieminen