Simon's Got a Gift (2020)

Fantasy, Romance, Family

6.9/10 of 28 Votes
Watch Simon's Got a Gift Movie Online. Simon, a young orphan, has an extraordinary power : he can take on the appearance of people he’s already touched. When his best friend dies in an accident, there is no witness. Simon decides to steal his place in his family. Ten years later, the truth will get more and more difficult to bear and to hide...

Title : Simon's Got a Gift
Duration : 103 minutes
Release Date : 05 Feb 2020
Country : BE, FR
Actors: Benjamin Voisin, Martin Karmann, Camille Claris, Nicolas Wanczycki, Julie-Anne Roth, Albert Geffrier, Simon Susset, Vicki Andren, Florence Muller, Pierre Cachia, Christophe Reymond, Sébastien Magere, Cathy Bodet, Tudy Boënnec, Lola Rolland, Caroline Gay