The Desert Project (2020)

Comedy, Thriller, Science Fiction

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Watch The Desert Project Movie Online. Ida and her friend Rachael return to Ida's house after a harrowing day in the desert where their film-crew friends vanish. Through some quirk in technology it appears they went back in time where Ida's then 20-year-old father kills a crew member during a fight. Ida takes Rachael to her father's workshop where they look at an old 16mm black-and-white film that captures the fragments of events from that day... a 37 years ago.

Title : The Desert Project
Duration : 95 minutes
Release Date : 06 Aug 2020
Country : US
Actors: Ilya Tank Shilov, Naomi Navarre, Ashton Solecki, Garrett Botts, Melis Yoruk, Adam C. Lively, Trevor Mcleroy, Kyle Colton, Ylva Cecilia Waern, Robert Olsen, Wesley Dean, Sé Marie, Jon W Harris, Joe Amato