Hexenkinder (2020)


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Watch Hexenkinder Movie Online. The movie recalls children who suffered mental and physical harm both during the last century, particularly in religious orphanages, and during the time of early modernperiod witch-hunts. It shows that the mindsets and behavioural patterns of both time periods are more alike than one might think.

Title : Hexenkinder
Duration : 96 minutes
Release Date : 17 Sep 2020
Country : CH
Actors: Hanspeter Müller, MarieLies Birchler, Annemarie Iten-Kälin, Sergio Devecchi, Willy Mischler, Michel Mischler, Pedro Raas, Yvonne Pfäffli, Verena Rothenbühler, Hansjakob Achermann, Philippe Bart, Romano Cuonz, Markus Furrer, Stefan Jäggi, Emil Weber, Damian Lopez-Lorio, Gabriel Lopez-Lorio