A lesson in parenting (2020)

Drama, Comedy, Documentary, History

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Watch A lesson in parenting Movie Online. Bibi and Begbo are a very strange couple. Bibi always walks around covered in band-aids and Begbo wears clothes that are definitely not his size, and also he throws up whenever he gets upset. Despite this, they seem to get by pretty well with their every day life. But what is most startling is their son Albin - who looks like he is a lot older than four years old. In this absurd drama-comedy we follow the family's life coping with being different from everybody else and as well trying to raise their son.

Title : A lesson in parenting
Duration : 23 minutes
Release Date : 23 Jul 2020
Country : SE
Actors: Ida Knapp Drougge, Jan Grönqvist, Simon Eriksson, Björn Eriksson, Eva Milich