El encanto (2020)


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Watch El encanto Movie Online. Bruno is thirty years old and has a girlfriend, Juliana, with whom he is about to celebrate a decade of love.He loves her, but feels that she no longer captivates him. She wants to be a mother. He doesn't know if he wants to take that step. He fears it could be a mistake, perhaps Juliana is not the woman of his life or perhaps it is too soon. To make matters worse, he is attracted to Lara, his new sexy and young employee. Further confused, Bruno only finds comfort in the company of his father and his old bass. This confusion pushes Bruno to reunite with an old love: music.

Title : El encanto
Duration : 74 minutes
Release Date : 30 Jul 2020
Country : AR
Actors: Ezequiel Tronconi, Mónica Antonópulos, Yamila Saud, Michel Noher, Lucas Crespi, Andrea Frigerio, Boy Olmi, Juan Sasiaín, Sabrina Macchi, Irene Tsou, Cumelén Sanz, Daryna Butryk, Julieta Koop, Rocío Domínguez, Patricio Bedoya, Abián Vainstein