Si, Nario (2020)

Romance, Drama

4.5/10 of 2 Votes
Watch Si, Nario Movie Online. Kyeong-tae, a film director who writes poems, started backpacking some time ago. Now he really needs to find another job. But what should remain to be desired, and what should be restarted? First, he started to backpack at the playground in front of his ex-girlfriend's house. The three-day playground backpacking journey of a film director, who dreams to become a poet.

Title : Si, Nario
Duration : 91 minutes
Release Date : 02 Jul 2020
Country : KR
Actors: Oh Tae-kyung, Shin So-yul, Hur Gyu, Han Eun-sun, Shim Hyo-jung, Kye Moon-young