The Online Lesson (2020)

Comedy, Mystery, Drama, Thriller

7/10 of 3 Votes
Watch The Online Lesson Movie Online. During the quarantine, some dedicated students have decided to adapt an Eugen Ionesco play into a short film. They all filmed themselves at home. This version isn't looking for coherence. The only 3 characters of the play are portrayed by many actors which have all provided a different view over their essence and mannerism.

Title : The Online Lesson
Duration : 24 minutes
Release Date : 01 Jul 2020
Country : RO
Actors: Dan Pamfiloiu, Ilinca Frățilă, Sara Vaida, Almira Moldovan, Tudor Surcel, Nina Mureşan, Cristian Goia, Maria Tămaş, Mihai Popovici, Dominic Bejan, Alexia Rusu, Alessia Szekely, Patricia Ludu, Georgiana Rusu, Dora Mureşan, Andrei Mudura, Petra Țupa, Teodora Pop, Daria Bretoiu